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Steve is a seasoned pro when it comes to helping business professionals go beyond their current performance levels to reach their true potential. He attracts business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs who want to become confident leaders and strategic managers so they can build successful, profitable companies. Rated as one of the best business and executive coaching companies in Orange County, Steve has been privileged to work with over 400 clients to date. His broad array of experience allows him to successfully coach professionals from a wide range of businesses. Steve offers coaching program for individual owners, partnerships, family businesses, senior level executives and management teams. While his coaching method is consistent, all his clients receive customized development plans to help them achieve what’s most important to them on their terms.

BS-Business Management, Frostburg State University

Device Alliance- Medical Device Trade Group AMAOC- American Marketing Assoc OCM&A- OC Marketing and Advertising EC of OC- Executive Coaching for Non-Profits

Make-A-Wish Foundation- Orange County Chapter Second Harvest- Orange County HemoPet- Greyhound Adoption

Star Touring & Riding Chapter 230

I speak to business groups, networking groups, trade associations and business conferences about achieving ones true potential and optimizing your leadership and management. Some of my speaking topics are: - Leadership Dynamics - Building High Performance Teams - Performing in your C-Zone - Small Business Marketing Best Practices


I provide customized performance based coaching to optimize individual and team performance: * Business Coaching- Covers a wide range of skills and behaviors to improve management and operating results. * Executive Coaching- Focuses mostly in creating impact, using influence and communicating that creates loyalty and accountability. * All Company Coaching- Allows the primary client to invite other key members of the team in for improved performance as needed. * Management Team Training- I offer a 6- series program that educates and builds conpetencies for new and unproductive management teams. Each of these coaching programs includes these essential professional development activities: * Thorough diagnostic to uncover potential opportunities as well as self imposed limits * Personal assessment and development roadmap * Customized coaching sessions that drill down to the underlining issues and reveal personal development insights * Proprietary educational materials to fast track learning about various business and professional skills * Ongoing delivery of educational materials (articles, videos, podcasts) to reinforce new learning * Goal setting and benchmarking * Guidance and accountability emphasis to encourage behavior change and adoption of new learning * Occasional advisement, brainstorming or strategy discussions to broaden options for improvement


The industries I attract most are: Industrial- Logistics, manufacturing, shipping, import/export and distribution. Commercial B2B- Real Estate Brokers, Mortgage Companies, Advertising/media, Office maintanance' Printing, municipal services and online marketing. Technical- IT providers, Engineering firms, Medical Device manufacturers, Diagnostics companies. Healthcare- Dentists, Chiropractors, medical offices/partnerships, Health centers. Professional Services- Law firms, CPA/Book keepers, PEO/Benefits providers.

Clients Served

I work best with business partnerships, family businesses, upper level executives, serial entrepreneurs and solo business owners. They range from $2MM to $50MM annually with 5-100 employees, and one to 3 locations. They are challenges by business performance issues; ineffective leadership; mental drift; no people development focus and poor or non-existent management practices.

Call Me When

A business owner or company executive that you have a trusted relationship with, shows signs of overwhelm, prolonged frustration, a lack of business operating knowledge or an unawareness of workplace disfunction and poor performance. These are all signs of someone with lots of responsibility who has reached their performance limit and maybe avoiding critical business issues becasue of it. Call me when your most important clients stop taking your advice or heeding your warnings only to make the same mistakes repeatedly.