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Steve Smith is the President and Founder of GrowthSource Coaching in Orange County, CA. He provides leadership, management and marketing coaching to business owners, executives and entrepreneurs worldwide. Considered the Catalyst for Change by the California Business Journal, Steve has helped over 400 business professionals to date. Steve is an author, speaker and podcaster. His current book, ‘Leadership Axioms’, has just been released. Steve speaks to business groups, trade associations and local companies on thinking and behaviors that produce top tier performance. He co-hosts a weekly business radio podcast called Business Wingmen.

BS-Business Management, Frostburg State University

Make-A-Wish Foundation- Orange County Chapter Second Harvest- Orange County HemoPet- Greyhound Adoption

Star Touring & Riding Chapter 230

Here is a sample of the organizations Steve spoke to in 2017: - NexGen CEO Roundtable- Azusa, CA - Annual Lake Forest Business Conference- Lake Forest, CA - Cusman & Wakefield- Irvine, CA - Ethos Networking Group- Tustin, CA - Geraci Law Firm- Irvine, CA - Empowered Women Rise Conference, Costa Mesa, CA


We provide specific performance based coaching and advisory services to meet the needs of our clients: * Business Fundamentals Coaching- Best for solo practitioners and partnerships * Advanced Business Coaching- Best for established complex companies who need to set a new direction for growth * Executive Coaching- Best for professionals with significant levels of authority for the company's direction and results * Team Coaching- Great for building team relationships and collaboration based on aligned skills and abilities * Management Training- I offer a 6- series program that educates and builds conpetencies for new and unproductive management teams. Each of these coaching programs includes these essential professional development activities: * Thorough diagnostic to uncover potential opportunities as well as self imposed limits * Personal assessment and development roadmap * Customized coaching sessions that drill down to the underlining issues and reveal personal development insights * Proprietary educational materials to fast track learning about various business and professional skills * Ongoing delivery of educational materials (articles, videos, podcasts) to reinforce new learning * Goal setting and benchmarking * Guidance and accountability emphasis to encourage behavior change and adoption of new learning * Occasional advisement, brainstorming or strategy discussions to broaden options for improvement


Professional services- Legal, CPA Technical services- IT, Engineering Business services- advertising, marketing Healthcare services- Dental, Chiropractic, Health & Wellness Building trades- General Contractors, builders, materials supply companies Industrial- Shipping, Logistics, Distribution, Specialty manufacturing Specialty retail- florists, art dealers, jewelers

Clients Served

From solo operator to a staff of 25. $500K of $50MM. Runs a stable business but is facing obstacles to more growth and profitability that they can't overcome. Women owned and spousal businesses are great clients. My list of companies served is quite extensive. Check my website in the 'Our Clients' tab for a more detailed listing.

Call Me When

You have a client, colleague or friend with solid experience and knowledge for the executive position they are in but struggle to meet the level of results required of that position. If you know a business owner with strong technical skills for their business but an inability to grow their business or manage it profitably, they would benefit greatly from a conversation with me. I work with business professionals that want to improve their management abilities, client acquisition strategies, mindsets, sales processes and organizational efficiencies. In each of these situations, their number 1 question is, "what am I not doing to make this work?". I can help them answer that.